Reagent Red Blood Cells 3% & 5%

The ideal companion

Grifols offers a wide range of reagent Red Blood Cells for use in conventional tube technique. This extensive portfolio includes reagents for determination of the reverse group, for screening and identification of unexpected antibodies, and for performing IH controls

Reverse Group Determination

Reagent Red Blood Cells suspensions at 5%, coming from A1 ccddee, A2, B ccddee and O CcD.Ee donors, used for the determination of the reverse group.

Reference Product Presentation (vials)
213383 Reverse-Cyte® A1, A2, B, O 5% 4x5 ml (A1, A2, B, O)
213388 Reverse-Cyte® A1 5% 1x5 ml (A1)
213389 Reverse-Cyte® A2 5% 1x5 ml (A2)
213390 Reverse-Cyte® B 5% 1x5 ml (B)
213391 Reverse-Cyte® O 5% 1x5 ml (O)

Screening of unexpected antibodies

Sero-Cyte® 3% and Screen-Cyte® 3% are panels of two and three cells, respectively, of the O blood group at a 3% suspension. Their antigen configuration is specifically selected for screening clinically relevant unexpected antibodies.

Reference Product Presentation (vials)
213384 Sero-Cyte® 3% 2x10 ml (I, II)
213385 Screen-Cyte® 3% 3x10 ml (I, II, III)
213628 Screen-Cyte® Dia 3% 3x10 ml (I, II, IIIDia)
213803 Diego(a)-Cyte® 3% 1x10 ml (Dia)

Identification of unexpected antibodies

Data-Cyte® Plus 3% is an eleven-cell panel of the O blood group at a 3% suspension. Its antigen configuration is specifically selected for the individual identification of clinically relevant unexpected antibodies, as well as for the large majority of the most frequent antibody combinations.

Reference Product Presentation (vials)
213392 Data-Cyte® Plus 3% 11x4 ml (1 to 11)
213626 Data-Cyte® Plus Dia 3% 12x4 ml (1 to 12Dia)



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