Albumin Awards Program (Albus) 2015


On October 6th, Berlin held the ceremony of the first edition of the Albus Awards (Grifols Scientific Awards about Investigation on Albumin), within the frame of the 28th Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).

The event started with the Grifols Lunch Symposium at the ESICM, entitled "Fluid management in sepsis: what really matters!", which counted on the presence of such well-known experts on the field as Professors Jean Louis Vincent and Daniel de Backer, from Belgium, and Christian Wiedermann, from Italy.

Afterwards, Professor Vicente Arroyo from Barcelona, the Chair of the Jury of the Albus Program, handed out the Awards to the winners, who presented a sketch of their research projects, meant to be developed in the upcoming twelve monthts.

The researchers present at the Ceremony were Dr. Jane Fisher on behalf of Dr. James Russell, awarded for the project "Is heparin-binding protein a mechanism of Albumin's efficacy in human septic shock?"; and Dr. Alessandro Santini on behalf of Dr. Pietro Caironi, for his project entitled "Albumin administration as a therapeutic approach to attenuate sepsis-induced glycocalyx disruption in human septic shock."

The well-attended event provided an adequate scenario for the Awardees to present their projects in front of their peers and colleagues.

The application process for the second edition of the Albus Awards is already open for candidates from all over the world to submit their research proposals until April 18th, 2016.