Dr. Víctor Grífols i Lucas (1919–2015)


Víctor Grífols i Lucas, who passed away in Barcelona on June the 1st 2015 was one of the founders of Laboratorios Grifols and was President of the Grifols group of companies from 1985 to 2001.

Dr. Víctor Grífols was born in Barcelona in 1919, and studied for a degree in Pharmacy and Chemical Sciences at the University of Barcelona. He was technical director of Laboratorios Grifols from 1941 until 1976, and continued to perform this role while also acting as CEO of the company from 1976 until 1985. Throughout this time he actively promoted agreements and links with international companies with the aim of sharing ideas and investments in order to foster the growth and development of Laboratorios Grifols. The value of this approach was recognized in 1995 with the award of the prize for the Internationalization of the Catalan Economy by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. By this time he was President of Grupo Grifols, a position he occupied from 1985 to 2001. His tireless dedication to research yielded several significant contributions to scientific knowledge, and a large number of patents in the fields of hematology and diagnostics. Dr. Víctor Grífols was also one of the driving forces behind the application of Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, and was responsible for taking the first steps in obtaining the company's initial license from the US regulatory body, the FDA. In 1998 the foundation which bears his name was established, focusing on the promotion and development of bioethics.

The Autonomous Government of Catalonia awarded him the Cross of St. George in 2000 in recognition of over fifty years dedicated to developing the company and carrying out research.

However, perhaps even more than his professional achievements, what left the biggest mark of all on our company was his warm personality. Dr. Víctor Grífols was the embodiment of a whole set of values: he was good, kind, discrete, modest, friendly, enterprising, committed to the company and, above all, honest. He was, in short, a man who was true to his principles, and placed these above his own interests or those of the company if these interests conflicted with his ethical values. These values are still alive in our organization and are his greatest legacy to us. The constant support of his wife, Nuria, and of his children provided the bedrock which underpinned his professional and personal commitments throughout the years.

The qualities which Dr. Víctor Grífols exemplified were always appreciated by those who had the good fortune to have dealings with him, whether for work or for other reasons. We will never forget him. May he rest in peace.