Grifols contributes to river restoration projects


  • Restoring the course of the River Tenes and a study of the reintroduction of otters are the focus of a cooperation agreement with the Consortium for the Protection of the River Besós Basin

Barcelona, 17 November 2014: Grifols, a leader in the manufacture of plasma derived products, yesterday signed a cooperation agreement with the Consortium for the Protection of the River Besós Basin to promote two projects to improve the River Tenes.

A tributary of the River Besós, the Tenes runs the length of a valley that ends to the south of Parets del Vallès, the municipality that hosts Grifols' industrial complex in Barcelona. The agreement will last four years, from 2014 to 2018, and will provide financial support for initiatives designed to restore the natural environment, key among which are the restoration of the 30 km course of the River Tenes as it flows through a number of districts in the Vallès Oriental region of Catalonia, and a study into the reintroduction of the otter. The otter study will consider a range of actions designed to enable this mammal to once again become a permanent resident on the River Tenes.

Grifols is committed to protecting the environment in places where it conducts its manufacturing activities. Its industrial complex in North Carolina, United States, includes a protected area of 26 hectares, a special biodiversity area of great ecological value. The activities it supports there include recording species and maintaining paths to facilitate the identification of local flora and fauna.

There are no natural areas at Grifols' Parets del Vallès industrial estate. However, this agreement will enable the company to contribute to conserving biodiversity by improving the river environment enjoyed by the local community, and strengthens Grifols' commitment to supporting biodiversity through the protection of habitats and species.