Grifols contributes to transfusion medicine education with the third edition of the Transfusion Science Educational Course


Barcelona, October 4, 2013 - Grifols delivers a number of courses each year to help train and advance the careers of transfusion medicine professionals who in turn ensure the quality and safety of the blood transfusions received by millions of patients around the world.

To this purpose, 103 professionals from blood banks, hospital transfusion services and reference laboratories in 22 different countries attended the third edition of the Transfusion Science Educational Course held at the corporate headquarters in Barcelona. The course aims to communicate the latest scientific developments in transfusion medicine and promote good clinical and laboratory practices.

The goal of this edition was to demonstrate that traditional serological techniques for determining blood type are complementary to the new DNA genetic techniques. Used in combination, they have exceptional value in resolving discrepancies and hence in improving the quality healthcare for transfusion patients. The course alternated formal lectures with practical interactive presentations that reflected the real-life situations that immunohematology laboratories must confront as part of their daily activity.

The lectures were delivered by well-known immunohematology experts with considerable experience in blood group genotyping. The faculty was integrated by: Professor Neil Avent, director of the faculty of Biomedical and Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom); Dr. Arthur Bracey, medical director of the Transfusion Service at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston (USA); Susan Johnson, director of the department of Clinical Education at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin (USA); Dr. Joann Moulds, scientific director of LifeShare Blood Centers in the state of Louisiana (USA) and Dr. Mark Yazer, professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) and medical director of the serology reference laboratory at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine also in Pittsburgh.

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