Grifols PhocusRx Certified DIACAP Compliant


  • The PhocusRx system can operate with a low and acceptable level of riskb when installed in a Department of Defense facility that meets security requirements.

Los Angeles (February 16, 2015).—Grifols, a global healthcare company based in Barcelona, Spain with more than 25 years of innovation and expertise delivering technology-based solutions to European hospital pharmacies, announced today that PhocusRx®, a compounding and quality work management system created by the Grifols Hospital Division, has been certified as compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) security requirements through the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP).

Grifols Hospital Division focuses on specialized technology-based solutions for the hospital pharmacy market. PhocusRx is a comprehensive system comprising a combination of hardware and software tools with a main goal: to provide a safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for remote validation, workflow management and documentation of compounding processes. In order for PhocusRx to operate on a DoD network, the system had to be certified as DIACAP compliant. As part of the process, Grifols worked with Berman Associates, Inc. to test and confirm that the PhocusRx system can operate with a low and acceptable level of risk when installed in a DoD facility that meets security requirements.

"Achieving DIACAP compliance marks an important milestone for Grifols as we continue to expand our operations in the Compounding Pharmacy sector," said Juan M. Cana, General Manager, Grifols USA Hospital Division. "Healthcare organizations can have complete confidence that our PhocusRx compounding workflow and quality management solution performs in accordance with some of the most rigorous security regulations there are."

The PhocusRx system helps to ensure that compounding medications are correctly prepared, which reduces the risk of contamination and occupational exposure. The system also maintains a detailed database for drug traceability, retrospective review and reports. As a result, workflow efficiencies are achieved, while patient safety and product quality are enhanced.