Grif_ls supports the Canadian Blood Services' Missing Type Campaign


Grifols is proud to support the Canadian Blood Services' Missing Type Campaign.  This is a global campaign whose goal is to increase the number of new registered blood donors.  In the last decade there has been a downward trend of new registered blood donors, which may put the blood supply at-risk. 

The Missing Type campaign has asked global brands, organizations, and influencers to remove the letters A, O, and B from their websites, and LinkedIn names.  These letters represent the three blood groups.  The importance of these letters is not evident, until they disappear from our lives. 
The same can be said for the blood supply.  Having enough blood for all three blood groups is tremendously important.  "You won't miss it when you give it (blood); but patients could miss it if you don't."  – Missing Type Campaign. 
We challenge ourselves and those around us to "Do something amazing and save or improve up to three lives by giving blood." – Missing Type Campaign. Individuals who have never donated blood are encouraged to sign-up and become a donor.  
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