Grifols agrees to purchase three plasma donation centers in the United States from Canada's Cangene


Barcelona, September 17, 2012.- Grifols has signed a purchase agreement with the Canadian biopharmaceutical company Cangene Corporation for the acquisition of its three plasma donation centers located in the United States.

The transaction enable Grifols to bolster its global leadership in plasma collection and benefit its vertical integration strategy while guaranteeing its needs in terms of raw materials and its ability to address the growing demand for treatments with plasma proteins thus benefiting patients. This operation is also consistent with the investment plan set up for the period to 2015; the objective of this plan is to guarantee the group's sustained growth over the long term, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

Due to the acquisition Grifols now owns 150 plasma donation centers in the United States, which will enable it to increase its plasma collection capacity in line with its planned capacity increase. The installed plasma fractionation capacity at the end of 2011 was 8.5 million liters of plasma per year split between plants in the United States and Spain, although projected capital (CAPEX) expenditures call for this capacity to exceed 12 million liters per year by 2016.

Moreover, with the recent start of operations at a second plasma analysis laboratory in San Marcos (Texas) in addition to the company's existing laboratories in Austin (Texas), Grifols also has the resources needed for the analysis of samples.

About Grifols
Grifols, with presence in more than 100 countries, is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in the Hemotherapy sector, the medical discipline that treats disease using blood components. The company's class A shares have been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (MCE:GRF) since 2006 and have been part of the Ibex-35 since 2008. In 2011, the company listed non-voting class B shares on the Mercado Continuo (MCE:GRF.P) and in NASDAQ-United States via ADRs (NASDAQ: GRFS).
Grifols is the third company worldwide in plasma protein therapies, in terms of capacity after the recent purchase of Talecris, with a balanced and diversified range of products. In upcoming years, the company will strengthen its leadership in the industry as a vertically integrated company, as a result of on-going investment plans. Grifols is the world leader in plasma collection with 147 plasma donor centers in the United States to ensure a continued and reliable supply of human plasma for the production of plasma therapies. In terms of production capacity (fractionation), Grifols owns and operates several plants in Spain and the United States that allow it to respond to the growing market demand. Grifols' sustained growth will be supported by a strong presence in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About Cangene Corporation
Cangene Corporation (TSX: CNJ), headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, is one of the nation's leading biopharmaceutical companies. It is focused on the development and commercialization of hospital and oncology clinic based therapeutics. Cangene's products are sold worldwide and include products that have been accepted into the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile (list of strategic medications in the United States). Cangene operates manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Baltimore, Maryland (through its subsidiary, Cangene BioPharma, Inc.). For more information about Cangene, visit the company's website at

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