Grifols extends its commitment to scientific dissemination with a new publication, Perspectives in Transfusion Medicine


Perspectives in Transfusion Medicine (PTM) is a project that seeks to transmit the latest tendencies and discoveries in the field of transfusion medicine aimed at professionals involved in blood transfusion.

In each issue PTM will contain scientific articles written by prestigious opinion leaders plus a selection of scientific references published in the previous months. Perspectives in Transfusion Medicine is published in print and electronic format in four languages: Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Grfiols has been closely involved in hemotherapy since the company started in 1940, and has made important contributions to its development and evolution. Through the company's Diagnostic Division, Grifols promotes research and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools that contribute to improved transfusion safety and to the quality of life of patients. This new scientific publication forms part of the company's commitment to promote the development of Transfusion Medicine through training and education in this field.

About Grifols

Grifols is a Spanish holding company specialized in the pharmaceutical-hospital sector. In addition to the production of plasma-derived biological medicines and the manufacture and distribution of products for hospital pharmacies, the company also has an in vitro diagnostic division. Grifols' Diagnostic Division manufactures and develops highly advanced equipment, instrumentation and reagents for hematological and immunological tests such as blood typing or compatibility tests between patient and donor, prior to transfusion. In recent years, Grifols has allocated significant investment to the diagnostic lines of business in the field of transfusion medicine ensuring the company a strategic position in this market segment.