Grifols updates the PediGri® website


Grifols pioneered transparency of information for healthcare professionals by creating the PediGri® service now more than 15 years ago. Over the years the service has evolved thanks to technological progress: in 1995 the service was made available on diskettes and by 2003 it was already available over the internet.
PediGri® is a unique service which offers all the information on the origin and quality of Grifols plasma derivatives; it is the tangible expression of full traceability of each and every donation.

By simply introducing the lot number found on each product vial/syringe, healthcare professionals can access specific information on each plasma donation used in manufacturing that particular product, the complete certificate of analysis for the lot and the product SPC/package insert.

The new website now has a new design, which offers easier, more intuitive navigation, while maintaining the same essential functionality: you can still consult specific information for each product lot. New contents have been included plus a video which explains the significance of PediGri®

Come and take a look at and discover the new PediGri® experience.
PediGri®: a commitment to the transparency of information with healthcare professionals: a matter of trust.