Grifols continues to contribute to transfusion medicine training with its second European edition of the Transfusion Science Education Course


Each year, Grifols holds a number of courses intended to provide an opportunity for transfusion medicine professionals to learn and progress. Through training we can ensure the quality and safety of the transfusions that millions of people throughout the world receive each year.

With this in mind almost seventy professionals, from blood banks, hospital transfusion units and reference laboratories in eighteen different countries, gathered at the second edition of the Transfusion Science Educational Course, held in Grifols' Sant Cugat auditorium.

The course, organized by the Diagnostic Marketing and Diagnostic Medical Affairs departments, aims to divulge the latest scientific advances in transfusion medicine and to encourage good clinical and laboratory practices.

This edition brought together traditional serology techniques and new genetic techniques for blood group typing. Theoretical lectures were alternated with practical presentations allowing the audience to take part in the recreation of real-life situations that occur during the daily activity at an immunohematology laboratory.

The lectures were delivered by recognized experts in immunohematology with notable experience in blood group genotyping. The course was opened by Susan T. Johnson, Director of the Clinical Education Department at Blood Center of Wisconsin. She was followed by Dr. Mark Yazer, Professor of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh and Medical Director of the Serology Laboratory of Reference at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine also in Pittsburgh. Professor Neil Avent, Director of the Faculty of Biomedical and Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom), gave three lectures on genetic techniques in the field of blood transfusion. And to finish, Dr. Arthur Bracey, Medical Director of the Transfusion Unit at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, and Dr. Joann M. Moulds, Scientific Director at LifeShare Blood Centers in the US state of Louisiana, also took part.