Grifols continues investing to boost its Diagnostics division


Grifols has recently inaugurated a new production plant for the MDmulticard®, a new technology for the rapid identification of blood groups, at the factory of its subsidiary Medion Grifols Diagnostic AG in Düdingen, Switzerland. This new investment in production is a step further in its strategy to boost and grow the Diagnostic division of the group.

As part of this strategy, Grifols acquired in 2009 the Australian-Swiss diagnostics group whose Swiss subsidiary had developed new card technology for blood group typing that was complementary to the DG Gel® range. In order to increase production of cards for the identification of blood groups in both technologies, Grifols has allocated an investment package for the new Swiss and Australian subsidiaries totalling 9 million euros.

Melbourne, Australia, has installed two new production lines for the DG Gel® card, and the Düdingen, Switzerland, production line has automated and expanded the existing MDmulticard® production lines. The Swiss plant is approved by the FDA, and the FDA marketing licence for the new card, which already boasts the EC mark, is currently being processed.

The considerable increase in the production of both cards translates into greater product availability for the markets that already use them, as well as into a gradual introduction in countries where Grifols has consolidated sales of other product ranges.

The MDmulticard® range of products joins that of DG Gel® and provides the most comprehensive and advanced offering on the market for blood group typing and transfusion diagnostics, with the high automation levels that the industry demands. In this sense, Grifols presented the new Erytra® auto analyser at the 31st Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion held in Berlin in July 2010. This new and fully automated instrument has a high processing capacity for gel cards and features notable functional improvements.

Inauguration of the Düdingen plant

The inauguration ceremony counted with the presence of prominent Swiss personalities such as the president of the Canton of Fribourg and the Minister of Economy Dr. Beat Vonlanthen, who expressed his satisfaction at the investment made. They were accompanied by Dr. Schwaller, member of the "Staenderat" (one of the chambers of the Swiss National Parliament), Mr. Buergisser, civil governor of the "Sensebezirk" (Cantonal District of Düdingen) and Ms. Hodel, mayor of Düdingen. Also present were the director of the Cantonal Development Agency Mr. Mauron and his deputy director Mr. Julmy, as well as Messrs Phillot and Riedo, president and director of the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce respectively.

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