Pedigri®: the tool that increases the information transparency to the plasma-derived manufactured in Clayton


  • GammaSTAN®, Gamunex® / Gamunex-C®, HyperHEP B®, HyperRAB®, HyperRHO®, HyperTET®, Koāte® DVI, Plasbumin®, Prolastin® / Prolastin® C and Thrombate® III are the newly added products.
  • Grifols has been offering this unique service for free to health professionals for 20 years which provides, in a simple manner, the total traceability of the final product.

Barcelona, July 5, 2016- PediGri reflects the company's commitment with information transparency addressed to the health professional. The Grifols PediGri system, which provides the health professional a total traceability of the plasma-derivative products from donation to final product, has started applying to the products manufactured in Clayton. Up to now, PediGri is only available for plasma derivative products manufactured in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) and Los Angeles, now it will also apply to product manufactured in North Carolina. The service will initially be available for products marketed in North America and Europe to eventually incorporate the rest of the countries where the different products are commercialized.

The broadening of PediGri coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the service, unique in the sector of the plasma-derived products, reflecting the company's long history of creating innovative products and services for health professionals. In 1996, the company launched the system to show its commitment to providing transparency in information, and in 2002 presented the online version at the XXV Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia, in Spain.

With PediGri, health professionals have easy access to extensive information about each batch of the product. By simply by entering the batch number, they can access specific information about each plasma donation used in its production, the certificate of analysis of each product batch, and its SPC/package insert.