The company doesn´t have any tax litigation in any country where it operates


Because of the dissemination of some information with regard the Grifols S.A. 2015 consolidated annual accounts, filed with the CNMV last Monday, the company would like to clarify the following points:

  • Grifols usually receives tax inspections on periodic and systematic basis like any other company with similar size and position in the global market.
  • Being subject of inspection does not entail the existence of any irregularity, as seems to be hinted by some of the headlines published
  • The company doesn´t have any tax litigation with any tax authority in any country where the company operates.
  • Other company's activities are also under periodic inspections by public authorities including the FDA and the EMA, among others.
  • Grifols receives and will receive any inspections lead by public authorities with the best intention and the highest degree of transparency